A group of recovering alcoholics who practice a more secular, non-religious
approach to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Atheists, Agnostics & All Others was founded in 2008 by rebels/visionaries to serve as an alternative, inclusive environment for people of all types of belief and non-belief in A.A. We have grown and continue to serve as an oasis for atheists, agnostics, free thinkers and all others seeking sobriety within A.A.

We are in District 3 of Area 18, which covers the area of southern Idaho (south of the Salmon River) and a small portion of eastern Oregon (Ontario and Vale), which is part of the Pacific Region.

Our group has multiple service positions available. If you are interested in getting involved, please see the chairperson after the meeting.

“It must never be forgotten that the purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to sober up alcoholics. There is no religious or spiritual requirement for membership. No demands are made on anyone. An experience is offered which members may accept or reject. That is up to them.” 

-Bill W.

Terms We Use

Sponsor: an alcoholic with experience in the AA program of recovery who helps another alcoholic work the 12 steps, offering guidance and support on a continuous, individual basis.

12 Steps: a series of actions, completed under the guidance of a sponsor, intended to serve as the basis of the AA program of recovery. Many of our members use alternative 12 steps that don’t use the word “God.”

12 Traditions: guidelines for how AA should function as an organization, how members and groups should interact, and generally-accepted standards of behavior.

Group Conscience: The general thoughts, decisions, knowledge, purpose and actions of the group. It is what the group considers as a whole to be correct, right, or morally good for the group and AA at large. The group conscience is derived from as many members of the group as possible, expressing the widest range of points of view on a subject, and allowing enough time for members to take information into consideration before any decision is made.

Group Involvement

Business Meetings

The AA&AO group holds a monthly business meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8 pm MST.  The business meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Service Positions

Grand Ambassador [Group Service Representative (GSR)]
Service term – 2 years (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 2 years of continuous sobriety

  • Represent the group at district meetings and, when approved by the group, area assemblies.
  • Inform the home group at business meetings, or by other means as necessary, about
  • general service activities in the group’s area.
  • Receive and share with the group all mail from the General Service Office, including Box 4-5-9.
  • Facilitate solving group problems and issues using the support services of the General Service Office.
  • Chair group business meetings.

Speaker of the House (Chairperson)
Service term – 1 month (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 3 months of continuous sobriety

  • Chair the regular weekly group meeting in accordance with the agenda approved by the group.
  • Obtain an alternate chairperson when not attending the weekly meeting.

Keeper of the Chairs (Setup Person)
Service term – 6 months (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 6 months of continuous sobriety

  • Perform and supervise the setup of chairs, tables, coffee/tea, snacks, literature and chairperson’s items prior to each weekly meeting.
  • Perform and supervise the stowing of the above items after the meeting.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with the wishes and directives of the church as provided by the UU Liaison.

Mutual Funds Manager (Treasurer)
Service term – 1 year (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 2 years of continuous sobriety

  • Collect and hold all group contributions, including 7th Tradition and special collections, as approved by the group.
  • Keep records of all contributions and alert the group at business meetings when the total amount being held exceeds the prudent reserve amount set by the group by $100.
  • Recommend a distribution of the excess funds, in accordance with group direction.
  • Provide payment of the monthly room rent for the UU Liaison to deliver to the church.

UU Liaison
Service term – 1 year (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 2 years of continuous sobriety

  • Communicate with the church business office personnel, church Bridge Group, and minister.
  • Personally deliver monthly rent payment to church business office.
  • Keep the group and its officers updated about any changes to the rules and guidelines of the church and Bridge Group.
  • Perform the liaison functions necessary to obtain church input and solutions to problems, to respond to church questions and directions, and to maintain a positive relationship with the church.
  • Maintain the church-provided security code for building access.

BiZniss Stenographer (Secretary)
Service term – 1 year (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 6 months of continuous sobriety

  • Record and maintain minutes of business meetings.

Tsar of Coin & Literature
Service term – 1 year (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 6 months of continuous sobriety

  • Take an inventory of the group’s medallions at least monthly.
  • Compare inventory to the group’s contact listing and identify the medallions necessary for upcoming anniversaries and for 24 Hour chips.
  • Maintain a reasonable surplus of 24 Hour chips and medallions for up to 30th anniversary.
  • Take an inventory of the group’s literature to ensure that those items approved by the group are kept in adequate supply.
  • Purchase the necessary medallions and literature, as approved by the group, and obtain funding from the Treasurer.

Protector of the Contact List
Service term – 1 year (may serve consecutive terms)
Requirements – 1 year of continuous sobriety

  • Maintain a contact listing of home group members and others wishing to be included on the contact list. Data should include first name, last name or initial, phone number, email address, group member –yes or no, and sobriety anniversary date (optional).
  • Provide the contact list by email to all persons listed upon revision of the document.
  • Obtain data from each person wishing to be included and add them to the list.

Meet With Us

Atheists, Agnostics & All Others A.A. Meeting

Tuesdays, 7:00pm MST: In-person
Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
6200 Garrett Avenue Boise, Idaho

Thursdays, 7:00 pm MST: Online only
Click here to join our meeting on Zoom
Meeting ID: 852 7464 9635
Passcode: 314159

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